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What do Personal Crosswords offer?

Personal Crosswords will compile an exclusive personalised crossword for you in which the answer to one of the clues will be the name of the recipient.  You tell us the recipient’s name and choose whether the clues should be either cryptic or general knowledge.  Your crossword will be a full size 15 by 15 grid.  The recipient’s name can be any length between 3 and 15 letters.  If your crossword is for a birthday or Christmas gift then the answer to another clue will be a greeting such as ‘happy birthday’ or ‘merry Christmas’.

How is my personalised Crossword presented?

Your crossword will be printed inside an attractive card.  The clues will be on the left hand page and the grid on the right hand page.  If your crossword is a birthday or Christmas gift, the cover of the card will include an appropriate greeting.  You can also choose, if required, to have the answer to the clue with the name of the recipient, together with the birthday or Christmas greeting clue, already entered in the grid.  Inserted in the card in a separate envelope will be the full solution to your crossword.  The card will be in a blank unsealed, envelope.

What if the recipient’s name is longer than 15 letters?

The recipient’s name is fitted into your crossword as one clue.  There is, therefore, a limit of 15 letters as this is the maximum width of the grid.  If the full name is longer than 15 letters any shortened format of the name can be used.  For example ‘Winston Churchill’ is too long but ‘W.S.Churchill’ would fit.  Similarly ‘Margaret Thatcher’ could become ‘Maggie Thatcher’.  Unfortunately it is not possible to spread a name over two clues.  Very occasionally, if a name includes a series of unusual letters, such as Q and X, it may not be possible to compile a suitable crossword.  In such rare circumstances a full refund would be made as soon as possible.

How is my crossword despatched?

The solution will be in an unsealed envelope which is then tucked into the main card bearing your crossword.  The card is then put into another blank, unsealed envelope.  This is then put in a larger envelope and sent to you, together with a confirmatory letter from Personal Crosswords, by ordinary mail in the UK or by airmail if overseas.  This format enables you to add any personal greeting in the card and address and despatch it to the recipient at the appropriate time.

How long will my crossword take to deliver?

Despatch is normally on the next working day after your order is received.  At busy times, such as Christmas, despatch may take up to 3 working days after receipt of your order.  Despatch is made by first class mail.  However, we can not be held liable for any delays that may occur once the card has been entrusted to the mail service.

How much will my crossword cost?

For addresses in the UK the full price of your crossword is just £6.95.  This includes post and packing.  For overseas addresses an additional charge of £2 is added to cover post and packing.

How is payment made?

Payment can be made by credit or debit card through Google Checkout, a completely safe and secure method of payment.  If your card is based in a different currency to £ sterling you may find your provider makes a charge for the conversion.  If you prefer we can accept a cheque made payable to me personally, TONY LONG.  Please note only £ sterling cheques can be accepted.

What language is used for my crossword?

Your crossword will be compiled in English.  No other alternative is available.  Spellings and word usage are in English as it is used in the UK.  For example the words colour and flavour are spelt like this.  Furthermore UK usage for words is used, for example the space at the rear of a car is the ‘boot’ not the ‘trunk’ and the device to control the flow of water is a ‘tap’ not a ‘faucet’.

Can Personal Crosswords provide a more bespoke crossword?

Personal Crosswords can, in addition, provide a much more bespoke crossword which contains at least 10 clues relevant to the recipient, and often more.   This is great for birthdays, Christmas or other occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, etc.  However the significant extra work required to produce such a crossword means that they are supplied at a fee of £200.  If you would like to know more, email us at tonylong789@gmail.com.

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